Map Your Empire is a location-based, massive multiplayer online game that allows players to compete and fight over territory in real time.

It is completely free to play, at all times!

When you start the game for the first time you will be positioned in your real life location and then you are free to travel anywhere in the world as long as someone can give you an invite to their location or you have previously visited cities within the game.

While you are able to relocate in the game to your real life location you are not required to physically move in the real world, this enables people with the  inability to travel long distances a chance to enjoy a location based game in the comfort of their own home.

Everything is real time, whether you’re from New Zealand or the United States you play the same game on the same server – which means you battle over the same territory.

You can make a lot of choices in Map Your Empire, some of those choices will last forever, remember – these are real players not animated folks.

Will you make enemies or allies?

   Will you make an Empire or Destroy one?

Will you explore your own territory or take someone else’s territory  away?